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Guadalajara is well-known for having several relevant monuments; most of them are located in the city of the same name, although one can find many Muslim buildings among mosques and castles around the province.


Each monument of Guadalajara represents a historical moment and most of them have been nominated as World’s Heritage Sites.

One must visit these monuments in order to enjoy the real identity of Guadalajara.


Palacio del Infantado – Infantado Palace

The Infantado Palace was built late 15th century onward, and it is probably one of the largest town houses in Spain.

Iñigo Lopez de Mendoza ordered its construction and the architect Juan Guas designed this building with a Renaissance style. The Infantado Palace became a visible sign of the importance attained by Guadalajara City in the 15th and 16th centuries.

This Palace was the seat of the Duchy of El Infantado and it hosted many important people. The Infantado Palace is currently a museum that offers many art pieces and historical object of Guadalajara.


Catedral de Sigüenza – Sigüenza Cathedral

This Cathedral is known as “El Doncel de Sigüenza” around Spain, it was built in honor to the Virgin Mary in the 14th century after Christians expelled Moors from Guadalajara.

This church is one of the most singular and beautiful of Spain. Its construction shows a mixture of architectonic styles: Romanesque and Gothic, because it was first a little church until 1140; and the bishop of Guadalajara ordered to build a new construction in the 14th century.

The Sigüenza Cathedral is still an important church and museum in Guadalajara.


Castillo de Atienza – Atienza Castle

The Atienza Castleis a strongholdof Muslim origin; it is one of the oldest buildings around Guadalajara; it is located 82 km away from the city centre.

This Castle was built in the 12th century with a Romanesque style and it is a clear example of rock buildings in Spain.

It was declared a National Monument in 1931; the Atienza Castle receives thousands of visitors every year, because it is a place of historical importance.


Catedral de Santa María la Mayor o de la Fuente

Catedral de Santa María la Mayor is a Renaissance church that was built in the 14th century over a Muslim mosque of the 13th century.

This Cathedral has a beautiful altarpiece that was designed by the architect Fancisco Mir in 1922.

This wonderful church is located in Sigüenza in the province of Guadalajara and it is the seat of the Diocese of Sigüenza.The entrance is free, and it is open through all year.


Palacio Ducal de Pastrana – Pastrana Ducal Palace

Contact Address: Plaza de la Hora, s/n 19100 Pastrana (Guadalajara)

Palacio Ducal de Pastrana is a building with the 16th century and Renaissance style and it shows many especial elements.

This Palace is famous, because Doña Ana de Mendoza was kept captive in the tower of Pastrana’s ducal Palace from 1581 until she died in1 592.

Alcalá de Henares University purchased The Ducal de Pastrana Palace in 1997, and restored its original details that this Palace lost through years.




Museo Provincial de Guadalajara – Guadalajara Provincial Museum

Guadalajara has many historical attractions such as Infantado Palace, Alcarria and its church, but one can find more information about its history in Guadalajara Museums.

Many travelers visit the Guadalajara Museum located in the Infantado Palace and it is the oldest provincial museum around Spain.

los arcos


It opened its doors in the Antonio de Mendoza’s Palace in 1838, although it was closed and reopened many times; people havealways visited this museum.

Museo Provincial de Guadalajara (Guadalajara Provincial Museum or Guadalajara Museum)hosts the most important and valuable objects of Guadalajara; its collections consist in: Fine Arts, Ethnography and Archaeology.

The collection of Fine Arts is the oldest; it includes 200 artworks of painting, sculptureand antique furniture.

The Archaeology section has many historical objects from archeological explorations in the province. The Ethnography section collectsobjects related toart andfolk customsof Guadalajara.

Guadalajara Provincial Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 h. to 14:00 h. and 16:00 h. to 19:00 h.;Sunday and holydays it opens from 10:00 h. to 14:00 h. One has to visit this museum to learn more about Guadalajara.

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